The TRENDS network consists of the following scholars, who represent a range of disciplines at academic and research organizations world wide.

John Bound (University of Michigan)
Philippa Clarke (University of Michigan)
Eileen M Crimmins (University of Southern California)
Vicki A Freedman (University of Michigan)
Mark D. Hayward (University of Texas at Austin)
Christine L Himes (Syracuse University)
Judith D Kasper (Johns Hopkins University)
Ellen Kramarow (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Mary Beth Landrum (Harvard University)
Kenneth M Langa (University of Michigan)
Linda G Martin (RAND Corporation)
Mary Beth Ofstedal (University of Michigan)
Jean-Marie Robine (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research)
Robert F Schoeni (University of Michigan)
Brenda C Spillman (Urban Institute)
Lois M Verbrugge (University of Michigan)
Timothy A. Waidmann (Urban Institute)
Robert B. Wallace (University of Iowa)
Douglas A Wolf (Syracuse University)